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VoIP wholesale carrier – How VoIP is evolving VoIP systems are a sound investment for business communications, giving you the ability to place a call to anyone from wherever you may be, provided that you have an internet connection. This will give your employees a great deal of flexibility, and
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What to ask your VoIP supplier Despite its technological maturity, VoIP is seen as a relative newcomer in some quarters within the telecoms industry and some business buyers may not fully understand what’s involved. Since the telecoms services requirements of each business are slightly different, it’s important to ask the
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Wholesale VoIP termination – The outlook for telecoms The way we communicate is changing fast and becoming faster, thanks to the evolution of digital technology. At the conclusion of last year, it was reported that the UK was lagging behind in areas such as developing advanced infrastructure and that there
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Switching to VoIP offers businesses considerable benefits in terms of flexibility and cost reduction. But as with any system that is based on the use of the internet there are other factors to take into account, in particular the challenges of keeping it secure. There are a number of potential
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Technological advancements mean that the traditional landline telephone may soon be a thing of the past for many. The increasing popularity of VoIP over traditional telephones is one area in which the Internet is changing the face of communications. The fading of fixed lines A survey by ISP Review indicated that a