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If there was a system that promised to both cut your telecommunications costs and boost productivity, it would surely make good business sense to switch over and give it a try. This is exactly what Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology can offer. In using a VoIP service, calls are
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Studies suggest that AI could eliminate the future of at least some white-collar jobs. If the results are to be believed, call centres are already feeling the effects. This article briefly explores the influence that AI is having on call centre jobs and whether there is ever any substitute for
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VoIP is becoming the major communication platform of choice for organisations around the world. With the rate of advancement of technology, we are used to hearing new buzzwords or seeing fashionable strategies emerge and sweep through the business community as everyone is eager to implement them. However, some of these
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Artificial Intelligence – or AI – is set to bring major changes to the way in which we communicate in the next few years. One of the areas in which it will have a significant impact is the call centre, where chatbots could take on many of the roles that
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VoIP is being hailed as the cost-effective and flexible communication solution of today, and the future. While it offers a whole raft of great features that make it particularly useful to businesses, there is the possibility of fraud, and any organisation using VoIP should be aware of the risks in