A Direct Inward Dial number or DID can be valuable to a business and its clientele, delivering a number of versatile features. With a few DIDs, a business can add local numbers, freephone or reduced call rate options for its client base. These additional numbers can be routed to extensions for specific users. As DIDs are just virtual numbers, they can give valued clients a direct line without the cost and disruption associated with installing and maintaining physical cables and wires. They also have a range of other benefits for businesses focused on getting results.

Track marketing efforts

Using DIDs, the business can evaluate the effectiveness of its marketing strategies by assigning different DID numbers to different aspects of a marketing campaign. Data can be collected and analysed to determine which part or parts of the campaign performed best. Marketing is too expensive to rely on hit and miss techniques and DIDs can provide the hard data that enables you to identify and scale up the initiatives that have the biggest impact on the bottom line. This information is extremely valuable and DIDs are an incredibly cost-effective way of gathering it.

Direct lines to human beings at little cost

Using a DID means that a client can be easily directed to a certain person or a department. This has obvious advantages in improving service and helping clients feel that their time is valued. Clients who need or expect a direct line to an account executive will appreciate having a DID number.

With a DID, clients will not have to interact with an IVR system or gatekeeping receptionist. With increasing pressure on most business to provide a frictionless user experience, simply bypassing these annoyances and going straight to a human being could well secure business from that client for some time to come.

Using DID number providers for local customers

Customers often feel more comfortable supporting a local business and with DID, your business can capitalise on this without actually needing a local presence. DID numbers can be purchased for just about any area. Potential customers will appreciate a local number over a number with a different area code or even a freephone number.

With so many different types of numbers now available, the thought of dialling an expensive premium rate number by mistake and ending up with a hefty bill can make callers hesitant. DID number providers can source local DID numbers at a low cost, ensuring that no business opportunity is missed.

DID numbers improve customer service and provide exceptional return on investment (ROI). Many customers, whether or not they know they are using a DID number, will appreciate the experience as it reduces the time and effort required to reach the person they want to speak to. As customers expect increasingly bespoke and tailored solutions to meet their needs, the issue to consider is whether your business can afford not to use DIDs.